June 2

Ted-like Talks!

Welcome back to my blog! This will (probably) be my last blog post in 6th grade, so I’m going to make it great!


In Language Arts class, we had a Ted-like Talk project. This was very fun, and this might have been my favorite project in all of Language Arts class. We picked a topic and we researched. Later, we created slides and added speaker notes to the slides. Another alternative to the speaker notes was an index card. We worked on these for about 1-2 weeks. At the end of this process, we all got to present to the class. We AirPlayed our slides onto the TV and presented them like that. What I really liked about this project was watching others’ presentations. They ranged from bird intelligence to mysteries, to card games and dreams. All in all, it was amazing.

Anyways, my project was on psychology and how to use it. I talked about lots of things like bluffing, reverse psychology, and the irony of effects theory. A picture is shown down below of one of my slides. 

This Ted-like Talk project was a great way to end the year, and I loved it. I can’t wait for the other projects which may come up in 7th Grade!

May 29

Tree Books!

In Language Arts class, we made a book. This was a really fun project. Our book was made in the shape of a tree. We put a few poems, added decorations, and slapped it on, and BOOM! We got a tree book! This was a lot more fun and harder than it seems. I cut out a lot of animals and glued them on, but before I tell you about that, I have to tell you how we actually made the book. 

First, we took some water-colored paper and cut it to make the background. We glued paper trees out of these papers with Akua ink on them. Akua ink is a very special type of ink made out of soybeans. We put this paper on cardboard with inked poems on them. These poems were about trees. We then added more details and glued them on. These papers were from old dictionaries, newspapers, phonebooks, etc. Finally, we add in our poems printed on differently colored papers. Then, voila! We have a tree book. 

There were many great parts to this whole project. One of my favorite parts was seeing how different other people’s tree books were. Everybody’s project was different one way or another. They had different colored cardboard, different papers, and different patterns. But, they also had lots in common. Same design, same structure, similar poems, and more. Also, I really loved cutting out and gluing in trees and cutting out animals. I collected so many animals!

In the end, we displayed our books at Frank Gallery. We all got to see our tree books and those from other classes at our school. Overall, this experience was amazing, and I can’t wait for more!


May 21


Investing in the stock market is hard. I knew that because of a project we did in Language Arts class because of our novel The Westing Game. This project was about the stock market. We had $20,000 to invest in the stock market (thankfully not actual investments or actual money). We had to choose a few stocks from the USA (no foreign stocks) and see how much our stocks go up or down. 

I chose Apple, Netflix, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike, Starbucks, and Disney. I thought these would be great choices because it is springtime, which is basically sports season, people like watching movies on their own TV, and people would start buying electronics and coffee more because the pandemic is kind of ending. Little did I know, this was a bad choice. 

Netflix lost half of its subscriptions, and all the other stocks went down as well. All in all, I lost $5,996.90 (This wasn’t as bad as my classmates’ scores. One of them lost close to $10,000).

Now looking back on this project, I definitely shouldn’t have picked Netflix or Disney. The pandemic is kind of ending so more people will go to the theaters. I also wish I had bought Twitter because of Elon Musk. If I were to redo my stock project, I would probably do Twitter, Twitter, and more Twitter.

Also, in our stock recording process, we put the values in Google Sheets. We put in formulas and other things. Attached below is a photo of the Google Sheets.


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May 5

Morehead Planetarium!

On April 27, the whole 6th grade went on a field trip to Morehead Planetarium. This was the 6th oldest planetarium in the US. Astronauts came here, to North Carolina, to study things like astronomical navigation, which is finding out what direction and place you are by the stars.

On the field trip, we saw two shows. The grade split up into two groups and watched the shows at different times. The first show we watched was called “Astronaut”. The show was in a dome where you could see 360 degrees all around. It was about how an astronaut is trained, and the journey and risk an astronaut takes. Being an astronaut is both risky and hard.

We then saw the exhibits they had. They were amazing! There was one where you could move a mannequin’s arm by moving your arm. That was about prosthetics. There was also another one where you could play a game and save a beach from a hurricane. Also, there was another game, which was about saving the Democratic Republic of the Congo from malaria.

Later, we saw a show about physics. This one was mostly based on Newton’s laws of motion, and electromagnetivity. The experiments were super cool. For example, one of them froze a balloon, which froze the air inside it. They also used liquid nitrogen, which is the coldest thing on Earth!

Our field trip to Morehead Planetarium was amazing, so I suggest you visit it as well!

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April 13


Books are awesome! There’s romance, mystery, fantasy, adventure, horror, sci-fi, and many more. But, some are better than others. Here are my top ten favorite book series!


#10 Warriors by Erin Hunter

This series consists of many series, but it all starts when a housecat (or kittypet as they say in the book) named Rusty sees the forest near his house (or twoleg den as in the book) and wonders what’s in there. His friend warns him but he ventures out into the forest. He runs into wild cats who have a society of rankings. He is renamed Firepaw as an apprentice to learn the ways of the wild cats. He befriends another apprentice named Graypaw. The cat society is divided into four clans, each with its own territory. Firepaw joins Thunderclan, but another clan, named Shadowclan, is corrupted by its dictator who is threatening to take over the forest.

Later in the series, new characters are born and other characters die. The next series comes with new action-packed adventures. The circle of life continues.


#9 The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins


This series is a trilogy with a prequel called The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. It is a Sci-Fi book set in the future. It is situated in a nation where the US is but is called Panem. It is run in the Capitol which is in the Rocky Mountains. Panem is separated into 12 districts, each of them producing a different thing. In District 12 lives a girl named Katniss Everdeen. She loves to hunt with her friend, Gale. But, District 12 isn’t doing the best. When it comes to an annual game called the Hunger Games, one girl and one boy are chosen from each district to fight to the death in the wilderness. Katniss’s younger sister named Primrose, who doesn’t know how to fight was chosen at the Reaping, which is the random choice for who goes to the Hunger Games. Katniss volunteers to go in Primrose’s place and is sent to the Hunger Games. 


She trains with instructors and sees how wasteful and rich the Capitol is. She is sent into the wilderness with gifts from her fans. In this game, she can’t trust anyone.


#8 The Kane Chronicles Trilogy by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is an amazing author and will be featured in more series later. He always puts mythological things in his books. This series is based on Egyptian Mythology. In the Kane Chronicles Trilogy, two siblings, Carter and Sadie, who look very different from each other are the main characters. Sadie lives in Britain while Carter is traveling the world with his dad because his dad is an archaeologist. Their mom died in a tragic incident. On Christmas Eve, Carter and his dad go to Britain to see Sadie. They go to a museum and see the Rosetta Stone. Carter’s dad takes out a wand and breaks the Rosetta Stone but accidentally releases the god of evil, Set. Set wants to destroy North America and wants to destroy his two enemies: Carter and Sadie.


#7 The Magnus Chase Trilogy by Rick Riordan

This trilogy is also by Rick Riordan. This is based on Norse mythology. This is about Magnus Chase. He sees in his uncle’s house some very suspicious things. He gets a sword but soon dies. The end.


Just kidding. That’s not the end of it. He ends up in the Norse hotel for the dead, Hotel Valhalla. He learns to fight and also hears that the god of mischief, Loki, is planning something. Magnus goes on a quest to stop him with the Sword of Summer.


#6 Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

If you like humor and action, this book is for you!. It is about the smartest kid at his school named Ben Ripley who has always wished to be a spy when he grows up. But he won’t have to wish for long. He is invited to the CIA’s secret school for spies. He enthusiastically accepts and goes to spy school.


When he comes to spy school, he realizes that this might be harder than he thought it would. And that would be without an undercover spy spying on spy school and attacking it. Ben wonders who is the spy and works to find out who is the spies’ spy.


#5 Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Magicians don’t know magic as well as J.K. Rowling, who wrote about Harry Potter, an orphaned kid, who lives with his mean aunt, uncle, and cousin. But, when a huge man with an umbrella comes to their house, Harry Potter learns that he is a wizard. He goes to the school, called Hogwarts and is put into a group (called house in the book) called Gryfinndor. He befriends Dumbledore, the headmaster of the school. He learns magic and befriends two other Gryfinndors, named Ron and Hermoine. Later, they learn about a mysterious and dangerous object. And someone is out to get it.


#4 Funjungle by Stuart Gibbs

This is another series by Stuart Gibbs and filled with the same humor. This takes place in Texas at Funjungle, the biggest zoo in the world. Even though it stretches out for about a mile, Teddy Fitzroy has seen it all. His parents both work at Funjungle so there aren’t many other places to be. Even though Funjungle is the most fantastic zoo out there, Teddy is bored from seeing the same old things.


But soon enough the mascot hippo of Funjungle dies tragically. Nobody knows how it happened, but Teddy suspects he was murdered. Teddy has to find the murderer and bring justice to Funjungle.


#3 Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland

“When the war has lasted 20 years, the dragonets will come.” Tui T. Sutherland’s fantastical world of dragons, named Pyrrhia, is experiencing war. The world of dragons is divided up by what they look like and what they look like. The war is about who will lead one tribe, the Sandwings, as queen. But, according to prophecy, 5 dragonets will be born and save the day. That isn’t necessarily what actually happened


Sure, 5 dragons were born on the brightest night when all three moons lit up the sky, but one of the ones needed died in a tragic incident and had to be replaced by one from the other tribes. Clay, Starflight, Sunny, Tsunami, and Glory are stuck in a cave where they learn about dragon history and other things. But they wonder if they could escape this rock prison of a home.


#2 Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

Kyle Keeley, from Alexandriaville, Ohio, has always been one for games. He’s always been the funny one with his amazing friend, Akimi Hughes. Also, famous game maker, Luigi Lemoncello, announced that he will be opening a new library of 

his own in Alexandriaville! He announces that 10 students from Kyle’s very own middle school will be chosen to be the first in the library. Mr. Lemoncello will choose the 10 best essays, written by the students. Kyle doesn’t hear about the last part until it’s too late. He missed the deadline. That evening, he desperately writes an essay and sends it to Mr. Lemoncello’s email address. The next day, at the grand opening, Mr. Lemoncello chooses the 10 students, and Kyle was one of them! The 10 students stay at the amazing library for the night but get locked inside. 


Mr. Lemoncello soon tells them that they have to escape the library using clues and whoever exits first gets to be in Mr. Lemoncello’s game ads on TV. Everyone rushes to get out and use the amazing clues to be the first one out in this amazing book.


P.S. This is the series I am currently reading.


#1 The Greco-Roman Series by Rick Riordan

This series is made of a bunch of series all about the same people. Since each of the series has a different name, I’m calling it the Greco-Roman Series for now.


This is about failure, Percy Jackson. He has ADHD and dyslexia. He never gets good grades at school and keeps on getting expelled from school each year. This school year was going good until his arch-nemesis at school fell into a water fountain on a school trip. He gets blamed even though he didn’t do it. Dejected, he goes back to his home to his mom. He never knew who his dad was, but his mom takes him to a camp called Camp Half-Blood. On the way, he sees an animal he only learned about at school. A minotaur takes his mom and he kills it. But, he is too late because his mom is long gone. The camp is his only refuge. There, he learns that his father is the Greek god, Poseidon, ruler of earthquakes, the ocean, and horses. He is also told that his mom isn’t actually dead, but taken to the Underworld. Hades, god of death is mad because he was robbed, and so is Zeus, god of the sky, and ruler of the Olympians. Before Percy gets in big trouble, he needs to find both of the stolen objects, and save his mom.


Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have read these books or are planning to read these, please post them in the comments. Bye!

February 11

Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood

Fire🔥, Water💧, Truth✔️, and Falsehood❌


There are many different cultures from around the world that all have their different beliefs. But, some have the same values. Wisdom tales are some evidence that we have that suggests this. Wisdom tales are a type of story from across the world that have a moral that is well… wise. In my Language Arts class, we read a whole book of these wisdom tales: Wisdom Tales from Around the World. This book gives fifty amazing wisdom tales from very different places. I recommend you read it, and if you read it, you may see what I was talking about at the very beginning about the same morals repeated all across the world. 


Anyways, after reading the book, we were to create a unique comic about a wisdom tale of our choice. The wisdom tale I chose was Fire, Water, Truth, & Falsehood.

I chose this wisdom tale because I really liked the plot, and the moral was great. It also reminded me of ways this is shown in the real world, like BLM, Martin Luther King, and Harvey Milk. So, here is my comic. Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading this blog post. I would really appreciate it if you commented. I don’t think I have had any yet, so I would love it if you could. Bye!

P.S. If you are wondering, I used Sketchbook for the illustrations and Comic Life 3 for the comic itself.


This blog post was not sponsored by the applications discussed here. The creator of this blog post was neither bribed nor payed to announce the applications and books existence to the public.

January 30

Doggo Bloggo

This is my dog, Bhairavi.

Her birthday is on March 16, 2020 which is the same as James Madison, the shortest president ever. On the contrary, my  dog is humongous. She’s a little bit taller than me (on her back paws), and 10 lbs heavier than me. Here’s a comparison ( I mean, I’m not that big either but whatever).

 My dog has heterochromia which means that she has differently colored irises. Her right is blue and her left is brown. We got her on May 4th, 2020 which is my half-birthday. We put her in a box and when she was little, we could fit her in our laps. This was during the pandemic. She has the tendency to jump when excited. Every time when I put on my jacket in the morning right before I go to school, she leaps on me, and whenever I get back from school, she jumps on me. My dog sleeps in many different positions, but she usually curls up into a ball and sleeps on the couch.

My dog is half husky and half Belgian Malinois (not German Shepard). She can pull really heavy loads, which I guess comes from pulling letters, people, packages, and sleds in the freezing cold. I used to take her around the house for running. I kind of quit now because every time we go running, she goes faster than me and I have to keep up (Husky genes). Or, she sees a squirrel and chases after it and drags poor me along with her(Husky genes). She also likes snow (Husky genes). Now here’s some more pictures.

And for my favorites:


January 24

Intro to Tamil

My parents are from Southern India. They come from the state of Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu is basically a state whose state language is Tamil. All across India, there are different languages from state to state, and in some cases, from city to city. Here’s a quick sneak peek at Tamil, the oldest surviving language.

Unlike in English, each syllable is a letter. There are exactly 247 letters in the Tamil alphabet. You may be thinking how somebody remembers every single one of them. This is because each letter is either singular or is a combination with another letter. Here’s an example.

ம் is the equivalent of M. It is pronounced “yim” in Tamil.

அ is the equivalent of A. It is pronounced “o” like you would say “ox” in Tamil.

ம is Ma. This is a combination of the consonant and the vowel

But, it’s not as simple as that. Some letters have multiple pronunciations.

For example.

Here is ட Ta. If this is in the middle of a word, it becomes Da. But, If we put its consonant form in front like this ட்ட, it become Ta again.

This is true for six consonants:

க Ka, Ga, Ha

ச Sa, Cha

ட Da, Ta

த Dha, Tha

ப Ba, Pa

ற Rra, Ra

So in conclusion, the Tamil letters are either a consonant, a vowel, or a combination.


December 13



Habits are the things that make up our daily life. Waking up and brushing our teeth, taking a shower and eating breakfast. But sometimes, you need to improve something. This is the use of a new habit.

We had a Language Arts class habit of planking. We would start with 30 seconds, then slowly increase by 15 seconds until we reached the optimal plank time of 3 minutes. This compound effect breaks down a large improvement into smaller improvements that result to accomplishing the goal. Nothing ever happens in large bursts of improvement. If you make something to difficult, you can’t do it.

During the course of this, I realized that planks were harder than you would think. Your waist and arms start to hurt after a while, which makes it very difficult. To distract us from the pain, we sometimes read our books and sometimes socialized with one another. But, this was never about the pain. This is all about your determination, persistence, resilience, patience, and perseverance. If you think you can’t do something, you can’t. As president Theodore Roosevelt said, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” 

But, if you miss a day of planking, then you immediately lose the hang of it. Imagine you only brushed your teeth one a week. That would not be a habit. In the same way, once you miss a day, you get less used to it and it becomes less of a habit.

For me, I am proud of how much I’ve improved. Over a two to three month period, I increased from 30 seconds on a plank to 3 minutes! As Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Now, I have a new habit which will make this whole amazing experience redo, which is playing at least one chess game per day. Later, I will tell you more about my chess life.

November 18

Mirror Books vs. Window Books

In the world of reading, there are three types of books. There are window books that show you a new world or perspective, mirror books that show you something that you know about and value, and there are the books that are both mirrors and windows.

The book I am reading is called Spy School by Stuart Gibbs. Spy School is a window book because it shows a new world based on the CIA. This is based in Washington DC which I haven’t visited much. Also, I don’t know much about the spies or mystery. I have never read a book like this, and it is incredibly suspenseful and interesting. For all the people that read this blog post, if you like suspense and mystery, read Spy School.